Seine Boat Series 2015 Info

The 2015 Seine Boat Series format has changed a bit and here are some of the most important changes!

  • We would like to see Scratch Crews, Novice Crews, Junior Crews and any Crews participate! So if you want to register for a race register online at the Calendar for the race or use the forms here:

  • To participate in Series races Seine Boat Rowers must have paid the Rowere registration fee of £20 for the season (Aditional to RTRC Membership Fees).
  • However some rowers might only wish to race once, or are an extra in a crew, so there is a scheme in place where you can pay per race, £5! THe good news is if you decide to race again and particpate more often, Grrrrreat!! and once you have paid 4 times ie a total of £20 your fee is paid for the year, so noone loses out by only rowing a few times!!
  • Registration for races is now possible online up to the day before the race. Simply clcik on the calendar link for the race and complete the registration online! This replaces the pink and blue slips, but does not replace signing in so we know you are out there!
  • SIgn in is still required on the day, even if you pre-register online, and this may be completed at Teignmouth or Shaldon prior to the race. THis is a trial to help some of the Shaldon crews struggling to get a cox to Teignmouth! We would ask if you sign in on Shaldon if possible complete an online registration for the race!
  • We have renegotiated with the pubs of Teignmouth who are providing FREE BEER vouchers, not food. THe vouchers are limited and will be given to to different teams i.e. not the winners each week, perhaps the 4th placed team or the helpers or the last placed team. This means everyone has a chance to win FREE beer!
  • The pubs have supported us for years, and sometimes we simply have not supported them enough in recent years to ask them to provide free food. SO lets support the pubs this season and drink their beer and soft drinks, and be sociable after a race, the more the merrier, even if you are a spectator.
  • We want more teams!! So to this end we are allowing scratch cres, novices, juniors and mixed crews to join in the series races! Although only ladies and mens crews will gain series points if a scratch crew, for instance, do well those points are included in the series table. If that crew decides to try again then they will add to their points total.
  • To help with the Series we rely on a small team of volunteers, we would like the team to grow to make things easier and less dependant on a few people! SO, if you want to help or know people who would like to help please email us
  • If you have any feedback or thoughts please let us know and we will add them to the mix!

Enjoy 2015 Rowing!