Seine Boat Series 2016 Report | Race 8

Race report: Seine boat series 2016 Race 8 – Teignmouth Regatta
Date: 7th August 2016

This week’s seine boat series race was being held on a Sunday afternoon.  It was fair weather with a stiff breeze that may cause the crews a few problems when approaching the river mouth.  The course was set out to sea and consisted of a start line off the Ness beach and a straight run parallel with it towards the pier.  There the crews would encounter three marker buoys with a bow side turn out to sea.  The markers were set out in a triangle formation and would bring the crews back around towards the Ness, into the channel with the tide pushing them along for a green can finish.

The ladies were first up this week and it was a prompt start from them with eight crews lining up.  The first minute saw an even contest across the fleet until a few of the boats started to break away.  The #Gatecrashers, Blisters Gal’oar and Teign Totties made their moves and were pulling away from the main pack.

It was a close contest between these boats along with Rock and Row and Shaldon Gulls nipping at their sterns.  As the race approached the Ness, and into view of the spectators on the beach, Blisters Gal’oar had taken the lead and were followed closely by #Gatecrashers.  The first mark was approaching fast and it was going to be a close call between the two boats to see who would get there first.

However, it wasn’t to be for Blisters Gal’oar, not to be outdone, #Gatecrashers seemed to find another gear and row through them to reach the mark first.  Next through were the Teign Totties who had water over Rock and Row while Shadlon Gulls followed closely in fifth position. This was the order things stayed around the marks but would it change on the final drag into the river.  First and second place seemed to be decided but third was up for grabs.

The final leg into the river saw Teign Totties losing ground fast to Rock and Row who had found their second wind.  Stroke by stroke they were pulling through them with Shaldon Gulls tucking in behind.  The Ness was approaching fast and it saw Rock and Row leading the Teign Totties and beginning to reel in Blisters Gal’oar.  It was going to be a close finish at the green can with the tide pushing them in all the way.

The race ended with a strong lead from #Gatecrashers followed by Blisters Gal’oar with Rock and Row in third.

Next up were the men and thirteen crews lined up for the start with the race being around the same course as the ladies.  Going into the race it was all square at the top of the series between the Lazy Jack Men and the Ferry Boat Inn Men.  This race would see a new table leader and if both teams stayed true to form it was going to be an exciting contest.

As predicted it was a fast start from the series leaders who were neck and neck as they approached the Ness.  Behind saw a close battle for third place between The Mandys, Long John Silvers, Light Weights and the Power Masters, who had had an exceptional start to their race.

As the boats came into the view of the spectators it was the Lazy Jacks Men who had held their nerve and taken the lead.  They were followed closely by the Ferry Boat Inn Men and who were now being pushed by the Long John Silvers into the first marker buoys.

Coming out of the markers saw the Power Masters lose ground to the Mandy’s who had now taken fifth place in the fleet.

The Lazy Jack Men led the fleet towards the river mouth followed closely by the Ferry Boat Inn Men who kept up their attacks to try and row through them.  Behind it was all change as the Light Weights had moved up into third place, rowing through Long Jon Silvers.

Coming around the point saw the Ferry Boat Inn Men cut close to the beach with a last gasp attempt to try and win the race.  However, it wasn’t to be as Lazy Jacks Men kept a good line in the tide and won the race with the Ferry Boat Inn Men following closely behind.  In third position were the Light Weights who had a strong finish to their race to stay ahead of the Long Jon Silvers. 

At the end of the race the duration of the men’s and ladies races were compared and showed that the ladies completed the course 30 seconds faster than the men.

Next up is the Shaldon Regatta race which also forms race 9 of the series.  This will be held on Sunday 28th August 2016.

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