Seine Boat Series 2017 Report | Race 1 | 6th May 2017

Race Report: Seine Boat Series 2017 Race 1 - Time Trial

Date: 6th May 2017

With the weather looking rough out to sea and a tide which wasn’t favourable for a river race, there were limited options available for Race 1 of the RTRC Seine Boat Series.  It had been a long winter and the rowers were converging on the beach and around the container pale from the lack of sunlight.  All were keen to get in their boats and put into practice the many months of training. 

Because of this the committee were under pressure to get a race organised so the proposal was put forward to run it as a Time Trial.  This would be the first Time Trial in the river, with the boats set off in heats.

This year’s fleet saw the addition of boats from the Dartmouth based Blades Rowing Club and also a crew from Lyme Regis.  It also saw the addition of a brand new Seine boat called El Loco which was to be rowed by the men’s crew Lazy Jacks, who were sporting some loud orange vests, and the women’s crew Blisters Galoar.

The race was set up so the women were split into four heats of three boats and the men split into five heats of three.  The course started between the red channel marker and one of the moored boats off the point beach.  It then went straight on to the dock with a short sprint to the next red can, around it, and up river towards the bridge.   When the crews reached the bridge it was straight through on Ringmore side and on towards the two green channel markers.  Once around them it was a long straight back down the river with the tide, under the bridge, around the red can and finish at the usual green channel marker.

The women were up first and as the three boats in heat 1 lined up you could feel the anticipation in the air.  The oars were called forward, there was a moment of silence and then GO was shouted across the radio. The crews were off.  The next heat was due to row off a minute later so they were called to the line and this was repeated until all crews were racing up the river desperate to overtake or not be overtaken.  This was to be repeated for the men’s race once the last women’s crew had crossed the line.

It seemed like business as usual for the crew #Gatecrashers who were the fastest women’s crew with a time of 19.55. They were followed by Up Y’oars and the Teign Totties.  The men saw the Light Weights getting the fastest time of 18:55 with the Lazy Jacks four seconds behind. Third place was secured by The Mandy’s with a time of 19:15.

All in all it was a successful evening on the river with both races running with relatively no incidents. The shallow water on the salty did claim a few of the more inexperienced coxswains in the men’s and women’s races, seeing crews going aground, losing precious time to that clock that didn’t stop ticking.

Next week’s race will be interesting with plenty of questions that need answering.  Will the #Gatecrashers continue their winning streak?  Will the Light Weights increase their lead over the Lazy Jacks and The Mandy’s?  Will there be any incidents out to sea like last year when a boat got stuck on a rock?

Tune in on Saturday 13th May to find out folks.

The first race of the 2017 Season, thanks as ever to all those who make the racing possible on the water and behind the scenes! 15 Mens Crews and 12 Ladies Crews, a good start to the season lets hope it continues! 



Race Times:


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