Seine Boat Series 2017 Report | Race 2 | 13th May 2017

Race Report: Seine Boat Series 2017 Race 2

Date: 13th May 2017


This week’s weather saw a stiff breeze coming in from the south west and a little rain which, however hard it tried, didn’t dampen the spirits of the rowers who would be racing today.  Last week’s time trial had given the crews a taster of the race experience but more was needed to satisfy their need for competition.

The sea was in a rough state so the decision was made to keep the race to a short sprint. The start line was between the Yacht Club and the boat Sea Quest.  It was then a straight line, parallel with the coast, to a first marker buoy and then on towards the green channel marker.  At that point it turned into the river with a finish at the green can, with the tide helping the boats towards the line.  There was no clock involved this week just the need to beat the competition and stay ahead.

The men were racing first and as the crews rowed out to sea the waves and swell were notable.  As they reached the start line, and turned into the weather, the sea condition showed its true face which would see bow rowers reaching heights not achieved in a long time.  The rowers were instructed to the line, oars forward was called and it was a swift start to the second race of the series.

The early leaders of the race were, with a quick start, the Light Weights who pulled out a boat length on the rest of the pack.  The closest was the Lazy Jacks who eventually found their rhythm and manged to pull through to get in front.  It was tight to the first mark where the Light Weights were pushing on, trying to exploit every gap, aiming to be the first crew to the mark.  It wasn’t to be as Lazy Jacks got there first, followed by the Light Weights with the Dartmouth crew Blades Flyers in third.  The Lazy Jacks crew were explosive off the mark which saw them pull out a significant lead coming into the river.  The Blistoars and the Power Masters Strokers were battling for 10th and 11th place respectively as they came around the point.  The Power Masters crew looked to be overtaking on the inside but it wasn’t to be.  The Blistoars managed to stay in front and claim 10th place.

Crossing the line it was no change in order for the first three, seeing the Lazy Jacks in El Loco claim first place making it all square at the top of the table.

Next up were the women and this is when the down pour really got going.  Spectators ran for cover and the rowers ran to their boats.  The conditions hadn’t improved and the rain only enhanced the wild experience all round.  

This week saw thirteen boats lining up on the start ready to compete.  Once the crews were on their way it was the #Gatecrashers crews 1 and 2 which took the early lead.  Coming into the river this hadn’t changed but also saw Up Y’oars in Swinglow continuing their fine run of form in third.  These boats had really separated themselves from the main pack but Rock ‘N’ Row in 5th and the Teign Totties in 4th were doing their best to catch up and close that gap.  There was a close battle between the Blistoars Galore in boat El Loco and the Shaldon Rats in Viscount Amory as they came around the point.  The Shaldon crew managed to hold their nerve to keep 6th place which was an improvement on last week’s 8th position.  

The final position for the women’s crews were #Gatecrashers 1 in first, #Gatecrashers 2 in second and Up Y’oars in third. 

It was another successful race all round in an unforgiving sea.  Race 3 of the Series will be held on Sunday 28th May where the crews will be hoping for calmer conditions and a hint of sunshine.


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