Seine Boat Series 2017 Report | Race 3 | 28th May 2017

Race Report: Seine Boat Series 2017 Race 3

Date: 28th May 2017


The third race of the Seine Boat Series was being held on Sunday and would give the rowers the Bank Holiday Monday to recover.  The recovery would be two fold, physically from the exertions of the race and secondly the overexertion’s from post-race drinking.

This weeks series event involve 30 boats so 150 rowers were participating! Great news as the fleet is growing once again.

The weather conditions, once again, were challenging so the start of the race would be in the shelter of the Ness.  The race would start at Bundle Head and go straight into a sprint to the first mark across the channel.  This week saw a novel twist in the course which involved three buoys and a clockwise turn back on itself and into the river mouth.  The channel markers would guide the rower’s home with the tide helping them all the way, if navigated correctly.

First up were the women and the start saw an orderly line of sixteen boats ready and primed for the long slog ahead.  The start was swift and the crews were off, pushing into the weather.  The crew Rock N Row in Egret were quick off the line followed closely by the Blades Flyers in Sting.  The #Gatecrashers who had dominated the previous races did not have their usual strong start and the question was, would they recover? The answer to that question was yes.  By the time the fleet hit the first mark the #Gatecrashers had secured first and second place, followed by Rock N Row who were having their race of the season.  Fighting it out behind were Blades Flyers, UpY’Oars and Red Roar.  Floundering back in eighth place was the Teign Totties, they had some work to do to get themselves back up into their usual fourth place.

Into the river saw #Gatecrashers 1 in the lead followed by #Gatecrashers 2.  With the tide helping the crews home it was easily exploited by the more experienced coxes who knew where the tide would be flowing the hardest.  This saw the Teign Totties jump from eighth to fourth while Rock N row lost positions and ended up fifth.  Across the finishing line saw the #Gatecrashers 1 and 2 in first and second place followed by Up Y’oars in third.

The weather conditions were the same for the men’s race which saw Lazy Jacks take an early lead in El Loco.  Coming across the channel it was The Light Weights in second followed closely by the Blades Flyers and Long John Silvers.  Second and third place was being hotly contested with the three crews fighting for the two positions.  Approaching the first mark and into the turn it was Blades Flyers who slotted into second place with the Lights weights close behind.  

Coming into the river mouth saw Lazy Jacks in the lead but the Dartmouth crew Blades Flyers were not making it easy.  They fought all the way, trying to find the best tide and push through the pain barrier which is what is required to win races such as this.  However, it wasn’t to be as Lazy Jacks crossed the line first followed by Blades Flyers then the Light Weights.  The Crew MGM achieved one of the best results of their season so far securing sixth place.

Another great night on the river which would be followed by one or two drinks on the beach, with crews quietly reflecting on their performances while others were drowning their sorrows.

A big thanks go out to everyone involved in the races, three races in and no races missed so far.  Also a big ‘Get Well Soon’ to Mark Peters of the Blades Rowing Club- we are looking forward to welcoming you back to the river soon!

Race 4 of the Series will be held on Saturday 10th June where the sun may eventually make an appearance. 



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