Seine Boat Series 2017 Report | Race 4 | 10th June 2017

Race Report: Seine Boat Series 2017 Race 4

Date: 210th June 2017


Race 4 Report 10th June 2017

The weather this week was damp and drizzly with reduced visibility. Because of this and a favourable in-coming tide, the decision was made to hold a time trial in the river again, similar to race 1.  This time the course would start opposite the Ship Inn with three crews facing up river.  It was then a long straight which took them under the bridge, up and around two green channel markers with stroke side pulling the crews around.  They would then face a challenging row back against the tide with the Salty ready and waiting to claim more victims to its shallow unsuspecting waters.  The finish was at the normal green can where a club member would be waiting with a stopwatch recording the time of each boat as they passed.  Time and tide wait for no man, how true that saying would be for Race 4 of the Seine Boat Series.

The men were racing first this week and as the crews were warming up an incident, which saw a rudder disappear to the depths of the river, delayed the start.  As no one offered to dive down and retrieve it the crew had to substitute their rudder for a steering paddle which took us back to c.1990’s racing when hair was longer and sweat bands were the norm.

When the race finally got started the crews had been seeded from last week’s finishing positions so first up were Lazy Jacks, Blades Flyers and Lights Weights.  After that the crews were set off every minute until all boats were trailing up the river.  

The Blades Flyers had a tremendous start, shooting out in front, taking advantage of the better water.  They were followed closely by the Light Weights then Lazy Jacks.  The order hadn’t changed around the green cans and back down the river until the cox of the Lazy Jacks made a bold move and cut in close to the Salty.  This saw the Lazy Jacks pulling through the Light Weights and getting into second place.  Not without a racing incident as the cox of the Light Weights collided with the Lazy Jacks stern which stopped both boats, costing precious time.

As it was the times that mattered the fastest crew across the line was the Blades Flyers with a time of 17:06, finishing 13 seconds ahead of Lazy Jacks who claimed second.  In third place were The Mandy’s in Shony with a time of 17:21.  

Next up were the women and there were no incidents to delay the start.  This was good as the rain had got worse and the visibility had again reduced.  The crews were off to a prompt start however heat two saw the crews Rock ‘N’ Row and Blades Flyers clashing off the start which allowed Blisters Gal’Oar to shoot off up river unchallenged.  Coming back down the river it was #Gatecrashers 1 who had extended their lead over their rivals in the first heat and came across the line with the fastest time of 19:26.  They were followed by Red Roar in Knot Tide 31 seconds later claiming second place with their best row of the season so far.  In third place was Blisters Gal’Oar with a time of 20:08.

It was a damp night of racing made possible by some committed members of the rowing club who could be seen drying off in the Ship Inn with a well-earned drink.

The next race will be on Saturday 17th June so a quick turnaround for those crews seeking revenge and looking to stake their claim within the Series leader board.


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