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RTRC Junior Rowing Section 2016

Junior Rowing 2015

Juniors Rowing for 2016 is on Tuesday Evenings meeting at the container at 18:00hrs.

Following on from the success of the Youth Development Programme in 2015, the Juniors section of the Club are hoping to offer some racing and more rowing experiences in different boats this year!

Junior evenings for 2016 are on Tuesday's meeting at the Container at 18:00hrs.

If you are a cox or experienced rower and would like to help out please contact the club with your details! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Remember the Junior section are our future rowers!


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NEW Coxes Registration / Training Scheme

A new way to become an RTRC registered Cox!

For the 2016 season we have created a new way to become a registered RTRC cox. The process requires new coxes to develop their skills with an expereinced cox, complete some pre reading on safety matters such as collision regs etc and then get some experience coxing teams. 

During the whole process the "Trainee Cox" must get a log record signed by either an expereinced cox or by the crews they cox to verify they have completed sufficient hours coxing and can carry out basic manouvers.

To download the Coxes Registration Form and star developing your skills and knowledge please click here

Once you have downloaded the form you need to find a cox who is currently registered with RTRC to begin your training and acreditation!

Please contact the CLub if you are struggling to find a Cox to help.

We hope this scheme will make it easier to access coxes and therefore get more people rowing! If you have any quereis or feedback please email the club.

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