Become a Cox

RTRC Coxes Accreditation Scheme

To assist members in becoming Coxes In Any Discipline, Seine, Gig or Sculling, for the RTRC the Club have developed an in house Coxes Accreditation Scheme.

The Scheme is designed so that someone wishing to Register as a Cox but with no experience can first develop their skills with a “Mentor Cox” and then prove their skills with a crew. Additionally Coxes are expected to be familiar with basic “Rules of the Road”, Tides, River Conditions and develop their maritime knowledge.

To get yourself started on the path to becoming a Cox, you must register with the club safety officer by emailing requesting to register for the scheme and letting us know who your experienced / mentor cox will be. Once you have registered you should download the record form below and start today!

Download Coxes Development and Accreditation Record Form Here

If you wish to get accreditation for multiple disciplines you will need to complete the full program within the additional disciplines.

Once you have completed the form and acquired the knowledge and skills then submit your request to become a cox to the RTRC Committee and we will then review and add you to the approved coxes list!