The River Teign Rowing Club is currently the largest club in Europe.  For a club that only started in 1994 we haven’t done too bad.

We offer a variety of annual sponsorship options:-

For local awareness sponsor one of the Seine Boats.  £150 plus sign writing fees secures one side of the boat.  Over 20 boats compete in our own series throughout the summer, plus crews practice throughout the week.  Contact Us or Email for more information.

For coverage throughout the West Country, sponsorship panels are available on either a Pilot Gig trailer or a Sculling trailer.  The Gig trailers are on show all year round., with thousands of tourists walking past and parking nearby.  Roth the Gig and Sculling trailers cover hundreds of miles around the West Country where hundreds more visitors will see your advertising.


Gig Panels – £120 = 152 x 290, £240 = 2104 x 290, £360 = 3156 x 290, £480 = 4208 x 290, £600 = 5250 x 290 – Plus signwriting fees.

Sculling Panels – £250 – Plus signwriting fees.

For further information use our Contact Us Form

Incredible value in comparison to local press advertising where if you are lucky £500 only buys you a page for a few weeks in one publication with a limited membership.  This is for a full year!

It also links your business to a healthy lifestyle choice as you are supporting a local sports club where people of all ages enjoy their natural environment whilst keeping fit.

Opens your operation up to a whole cross section of rowing club members and their families who cover all sections of the community with some coming from outside the Teignbridge geography!

Join us for a rowing session – come along to one of our Wednesday evening novice sessions and see why your advertising is so important.

Please note all advertising must be approved by the Committee.