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Dear member

We are now almost half way into the 2015 Seine Boat Series and we’d like to raise a few points that have come to light to date.

The online registration system is working well and making life much easier for the committee running the races.  Log onto our website, go to calendar, click onto the race you want to register for and follow the steps.   If you are registering at the pre-race meeting please make sure you are signed in before the coxes meeting.

All coxes please be aware that when on the start line we would like you to line up in numerical order according to your drawn position or flag number.  The start boats DO NOT check this order, it is the responsibility of the coxes to ensure that they are in the correct position .  If for some reason you are unable to take your correct position please radio the start or safety boat to let them know.  Should you find yourself over the line or ahead of the fleet on the start line please make an effort to rectify the situation.  Crews who do not take the correct start position or are ahead of the fleet may be penalised.  We would also like to remind you that any use of bad language or unsportsmanlike behaviour as determined by race officials may result in penalty points.  We appreciate you entering into the spirit of the event.

Thanks to all who have taken part so far in the racing and in the organisation of the series.

Kind regards

Jude Western
RTRC Seine Boat Secretary