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Proposition for the Seine Boat Pre-Season Meeting

Proposition for the Seine Boat Pre-Season Meeting

At the RTRC AGM in January, it was agreed that the Seine Boat section of the club currently lacks a strong identity in the way that the Gig and Sculls sections have. This was generally recognised as being a weakness and something that we should seek to address. An effective Seine Boat section would enable those that row and race Seine Boats to have more control over the issues that affect them directly and more input into how the club as a whole should develop.

The following is the basis for discussion:-
In order to achieve a coherent Seine Boat section, we should establish a Committee.
  • A Committee would be constituted with the following aims:
  • To draw up a development plan for the next three years that considers investment priorities, training and coaching, and the progression of novice and junior rowers into the senior series.
  • To strengthen the community of the rowers and coxes of Seine Boats, both on the Teign and elsewhere
  • To oversee the delivery of the Seine Boat race series and to plan and deliver other events during the year
  • To facilitate a debrief meeting at the end of each race season to consider any issues that have arisen
  • To report to the main RTRC Committee and to represent the interests of Seine Boats rowers
  • To contribute to the wider development and success of the club
The Committee would consist of:
  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • Fund-raiser – to link with the wider fund-raising team
  • Maintenance co-ordinator
  • PR – to link with the wider PR team
  • Representative of the Race Team (see below)
  • Lead for training and coaching
The Committee would be elected each September for a year to provide the winter months for planning and improvements before the start of each new season. However, in the first instance the Committee would serve for either 5 or 17 months. The Committee would meet once a month – this is in line with the other sections.
Other seine boat rowers and coxes would be welcome to attend Committee meetings or to approach Committee members if there are issues that they would like raised.
Race Series
In addition to the Committee there needs, as a matter of urgency, to be a team established to organise the upcoming race series. It should be a standing assumption that each team will provide one member to support the work of the Race Team on the day. It is probable that not all volunteers will be needed each week, but there are jobs that need doing and it seems reasonable that these be shared among those that participate in the events.
The Race Team will need people to undertake the following:
  • Setting and laying the course.
  • to decide on the start line and course to be rowed.
  • to lay any necessary transits and marker buoys.
  • to establish the process for starting the race.
  • to umpire the turns.
  • to agree the process for receiving protests and to ensure that all coxes are made aware of this.
  • to consider protests in a timely fashion and to award penalty points in a transparent, consistent and fair way.
  • to ensure that there are adequate numbers of safety boats and that these are in an appropriate condition.
  • to accompany rowers during the races and to deal with incidents as required.
  • Beach Crew co-ordinator to organise volunteers from the race teams.
Roles that need to be fulfilled for a successful race day
Day before the race:
  • Confirming and printing off the sign-in sheets
  • Ensuring an adequate supply of registration slips
Morning of the race:
  • Assess conditions – done by the Setting and laying group (at least 2 people) plus the club Safety Officer
  • Contact Liz Frances if the race is cancelled so that the host pub can be informed
Afternoon of the race:
  • Laying the course
  • Umpire team assemble
  • Crews for safety boats to be agreed
  • Registration and collection of fees from scratch boats and ad hoc rowers
  • Drawing positions for the start
  • Running the coxes’ meeting
After the race:
  • Buoys to be brought in and stowed
  • Checking the crews against membership list
  • Protests submitted and decisions on penalty points made by umpires
  • Post-mortem to discuss any issues arising from the race.

I propose that the decisions of the Umpires on any given race would be final. If there are concerns about the implementation of rules or unintended consequences of the rules as laid out, these would be considered by the full Race Team or full Seine Boat Committee as agreed before the start of the series.

Questions for the pre-season meeting
  1. Is there agreement in principle on the setting up of a Seine Boat Committee?
  2. Are the aims and roles set out fit for purpose?
  3. How will volunteers/nominations for roles be sought and voted on?
  4. Should the first committee be elected for 5 or 17 months?
  5. Is there agreement on the setting up of a Race Team?
  6. Are the aims and roles set out fit for purpose?
  7. How will volunteers/nominations for roles be sought and voted on?
  8. When should the groups meet first?